GAS Compressor


GAS compressor

Decades of experience in the development and production of gas compressors in the oil and gas industry.

Our company is the leading manufacturer of particular gas boosting types of equipment in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East region and CIS countries.

We are always looking for opportunities worldwide to unique products that can be delivered into many different areas of the oil and gas industries. The manufacturing of gas compressors has always been the main aspect of adjusting to the unique market demands, project-specific design, and manufacture, primarily to offer solutions at a competitive price. For the demand of a wide range of power (4kW – 5MW), we have appropriate production capability for manufacturing and installing these types of equipment.

In addition to the official representation of gas compressors produced by the American GE Oil & Gas (formerly known as Cameron) company, Ganzair offers solutions for oil and gas industrial applications, like recip, screw, and rotary vane various gases for compression.

The main applications are the mobile and stationary type of gas booster units, gas well units, gas well starter units, trailer mounted or containerized type evacuation compressors, and CNG filling station compressor units. Our company has begun developing and manufacturing trailer-mounted natural gas pipeline evacuation compressor units for Slovak and Czech gas transfer companies. We have many references in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of gas compressors in the oil industry.

Our gas compressor equipment sales have expanded in the past few years, mainly in the eastern region of Serbia and Russia, where natural gas is delivered more booster compressor units.

Our products are an integral part of the technical consultancy, technical service, spare parts supply, and after-care.