Vehicle compressor

The brand name of GANZ has become one of the most significant trademarks of the Hungarian industry.

Being consistent with historic traditions and facing new challenges at the same time, Ganzair Compressortechnics LLC was founded in 1990 in order to specialise in compressor technology. The company is a management owned business. Ganzair LLC has more than 25 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of compressors for the transit industry and other special applications.

Ganzair vehicle compressors are operated in a large number of guided track transport vehicles such as trolley buses, locomotives, mining locomotives, motor-trains, subway cars in Hungary and several European countries. Due to the low noise and vibration level, long lifetime, low cost of ownership, several well-known manufacturers and vehicle upgrading companies choose our products.

The Ganzair made compressors provide compressed air supply to the air system in many well-known vehicles to the public in Hungary and other countries. When we are travelling on a quiet and modern STADLER motortrain or a proven IKARUS, Solaris Ganz or Mercedes, Skoda, ARC made trolley buses, these quiet and reliable devices assist in safety and comfort.

Our products are developed and manufactured according to the customer requirement, the given opportunities and the environmental conditions. Our company is capable to manufacture these equipments from a few pieces to the several hundreds of quantity.

Ganzair offers not only products, but expert technical support as well. Highly qualified engineers help customers to find optimal solutions in the turnkey compressor systems.

Product line:

  • Brake compressor
  • Door opener compressor
  • Pantograph lifting compressor
  • Adsorption dryer and filtration