CNG filling compressor

The CNG compressors manufactured and sold by our company can be used for fuelling your car fleet, trucks and public transport vehicles or a public gas station. A CNG compressor can pump natural gas or biogas into vehicle fuel tanks. It is extremely eco-friendly since the emission of gas powered equipment is close to none, and significantly cheaper than other fossil fuels.

Our company provides complete solutions by designing a system for your specific needs, transporting equipment to the location of use, gathering permits in compliance with local regulations, repairing and spare part services.

For your small business fleet, you can have easy-to-install CNG compressors with no need for comprehensive design process.

For large fleets and public gas filling stations, you have more options to configure the technology to fit your needs. We can calculate the amount of ready-to-use gas to be stored and the number of gas station pumps for you, based on the expected load of the gas station.

We have quick response service teams to ensure constant operation with the shortest down-times possible.
Feel free to contact us for technical guidance as well.