Ganzair Compressortechnics

The brand name of GANZ has become one of the most significant trademarks of the Hungarian industry. Since their foundation in 1849, GANZ companies have been manufacturing compressors, pumps, turbines, locomotives, trams, trolleybuses, bridges, cranes, ships, transformers, motors, and a wide range of other machinery products for decades.

Being consistent with historical traditions and facing new challenges simultaneously, Ganzair Compressortechnics LLC was founded in 1990 to specialize in compressor technology. The company is a management-owned business.

Our modern operation is based on the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Quality and Environmental management systems and regulated by the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Ganzair offers standard industrial and special engineered compressor packages and complete systems as well. We have specialized in compressors and all related products for the purification and distribution of air and industrial gases. Thousands of compressors supplied and serviced by us are in operation in Hungary and all over the world.

We dynamically develop our activities and expand our product lines working in close co-operation with the most respected European and US producers. The most well-known among our partners are Gardner Denver/Tamrotor, Ekomak, FST, MTA, General Electric / Cameron Compression (formerly Cooper), Parker/DomnickHunter, Zander, Hiross, Haskel, Mattei, Fornovogas, FG Wilson, Caterpillar, Waukesha, ABB, Ingersoll Rand and more.

Ganzair operates four product divisions: Industrial compressor systems, Vehicle compressors, Gas compressors, Generating sets, and as a fifth vertical division, there is the service department which provides lifelong maintenance and repair services for our units. Additional engineering services for compressor system design, operation measurements and analysis, and condition monitoring systems are provided.

We design and implement industrial compressor systems. State-of-the-art compressors, purification, and distribution system elements are selected. The compressors can provide automatic uncrewed operation; a controller computer can manage the system with several functions to ensure the outstanding operation economy and link to process BMS/DCS control or even connect directly to GanzAir™s service center. Thanks to the careful design, installation is effortless. Small space requirements, virtually vibration-free running, and low-noise operation characterize these units and make them excellent choices for demanding environments. Containerized versions integrated with dryers, receivers, and filters are available for outdoor applications, e.g., oil rigs and mines. We offer effective heat recovery systems where 70-90% of the input energy can be used for heating, hot water production, or other technological purposes.

Further to industrial air compressor systems, we supply compressor packages for industrial gases and natural gas used in the oil and gas industry and the CNG market.

In 2005 we introduced diesel and gas engine powered generating sets for continuous and standby power generation in island or grid synchronous operation.

Based on our design and manufacturing experience and background, we can supply special, “engineered” compressors and generate set systems according to unique customer requirements. Best examples are the brake compressors used in locomotives, motor coaches, underground railways, trolleybuses, or hydraulically driven units on mobile oil rigs. GanzAir is the only manufacturer supplying this sort of equipment in Hungary. Our regular customers are Hungarian and foreign railways and public transport companies, fleet operators and vehicle producers, and oil and gas companies.

The functionality of our machines has been tested in deserts, tropical environments, and Siberia. Of course, the lighter, attractively priced compressors can be offered for repair shops, garages, laboratories, and hobby users as well.

Not only products, but complete solutions.

GanzAir offers not only products but expert technical support as well. Highly qualified engineers help customers to find optimal solutions in turnkey compressor systems. Experienced and well-trained service engineers assist customers in maintenance and are ready to solve any “on-site” tasks within hours. The service fleet is equipped with mobile phones, so it is able to immediately react to customer needs and offer a proper solution for them all year, all year-round, day and night.




PRODUCTS: compressors, vacuum pumps, nitrogen and oxygen generators, pressure amplifiers, air-driven liquid pumps and gas pressure amplifiers, industrial gas purification and distribution systems, natural gas compressors, generating sets

CAPACITY: 0,001 – 500 m3/min in one unit, 0,1-16 000 kW in power

PRESSURE: -0,99 barg ÷ 1500 barg

TYPE OF UNITS: screw, turbo, reciprocating, vane, Roots, etc.

THE ONLY MANUFACTURER in HUNGARY: “tailor made”, custom engineered compressors, compressed gas systems, generating sets, fluid power

MARKETS: Hungary, Europe, Russia, Greece, North Africa, Middle East,


INDUSTRIAL: Bosch, Suzuki, Teva, Raba, Knaus Tabbert, Hamburger Hungaria, Linde, Siemens, Villeroy&Boch, Mogyi, Prysmian, Gyermelyi, Magna Car, Videoton, Fusetech, DHL, Porsche, Richter, Claas, Bonafarm, Foxconn, Takata, MVM, and more…

Hungarian Railways, Serbia Railways, Greek Railways, Budapest Transport Co., Szeged Transport Co., Debrecen Transport Co., Bucharest Transport Co., Solarisbus, Astrabus, Riga Transport, Tallin Transport, Lithuanian Railways, Skoda Transportation, Ganz-Transelektro, Stadlerrail, Hungarian Oil Plc., Rotary Oil Drilling Ltd., NIS Gazprom Neft, Eustream, Net4Gas, Hungarian Horizon, Paks Nuclear …


CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MSZEN 28001 (BS OSHAS 18001)

EMPLOYEES: 75 (50% with higher graduation)
Area representatives in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Russia

WORKSHOP: 3000 m2

OFFICE: 400 m2

SERVICE FLEET: 12 on day and night duty all year round